Process Serving – How Does It Work?

Process Serving – How Does It Work?

Process Serving

If legal documents need to be served then it is essential that all legal procedures are followed to the letter. It is also vital that the set deadlines are met. This is where process serving comes in, a service that we at Vanguard Associates have been offering for a number of years. In this blog post, we are going to explain how process serving works and why you should choose us to carry out this task.

How Does It Work & Why Choose Us?

In short, process serving is ensuring that the relevant legal documents are delivered to the correct recipient. By using a process server, you make sure that the intended recipient receives these papers and cannot claim that they did not. If a different method such as posting or emailing is used, there is potential that the recipient can claim that they were not delivered.

We at Vanguard Associates work with a range of financial institutions, solicitors and barristers, allowing us to carry out this service anywhere in the UK. This service can also be tailored to your needs meaning that we can collect the documents from the court or from yourself, whichever suits you best. Once the papers have been served, we will provide you with a sworn affidavit, proving that the legal documents were delivered.

To ensure that there are no hidden costs, we will agree our fees with you before carrying out this task. You can choose an hourly rate or a fixed fee process serving. We aim to complete this service within 72 hours with a first attendance within 24 hours so you have the freedom to decide which payment methods best meets your needs and requirements.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Should you wish to find out more about process serving as well as which payment method (Hourly rate or fixed fee process serving) suits you best, please feel free to contact us today.