Surveillance is an excellent method of investigation when used in conjunction with good intelligence and often leads to the identification of additional intelligence and, more importantly, evidence which can be invaluable to clients.

We are regularly instructed in relation to investigations concerning allegations of theft, criminal damage, fraud, infidelity concerns, dishonest employees, personal injury, missing persons, or to acquire detailed evidence in support of impending legal action.

Vanguard’s dedicated team of male and female operatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be deployed at short notice if required within the UK. We also have the ability to deploy our team internationally in support of client’s investigations.

Each operative is highly trained in the discipline of covert surveillance techniques, deploying a variety of methods to lawfully achieve the operational objectives in order to secure the best possible evidence, fully supported by movement logs, colour video footage and still photographs. The photographic evidence produced is of a standard that cannot be disputed by the subject of the operation.

Vanguard Associates UK provides a full range of surveillance services including mobile, static and rural surveillance which often lead to operating under difficult and in some cases, severe conditions. In addition we can provide surveillance services throughout the night with deployed operatives or remote CCTV facilities.

We are regularly instructed to conduct surveillance activities in central London which can present a variety of challenges. Each tasking is considered on its own merit and we operate within the terms of the brief while liaising with the client in order to achieve the best possible outcome and level of service.

Matrimonial and or infidelity surveillance is often required by one party to a relationship who has concerns regarding their partner’s behaviour. Often this has led to suspicions that an illicit relationship is taking place. We not only provide a discreet surveillance service to secure the relevant evidence, but also discreet support and advice to the client during what can be a difficult time.

Each instruction is unique in its own way and would be happy to discuss any specific requirements that you may have. As reputable members of the Association of British Investigators, we uphold their code of ethics and standards. Our services are designed to be as thorough as possible whilst at all times maintaining a bespoke, distinguished and professional approach to private investigation.

Counter Surveillance

Occasionally clients require the peace of mind that they are not the subject of any hostile physical surveillance activity from competitors, or others intent on discovering personal or commercial information.

Vanguard Associates UK can introduce measures to identify and confirm such activity, provide advice and disrupt any identified unwarranted attention.

Professional Associations

  • The Association of British Investigators
  • Ex Police in Commerce
  • National Association of Retired Police Officers
  • British Agents
  • United Kingdom Private Investigators Network
  • The International Investigation Agency