There can be many reasons why you may suspect that assets are being hidden or not properly disclosed to you. Individuals often conceal assets from spouses suspecting they will be taken in a separation or divorce settlement. Relatives and business associates may also remove or disguise assets following a financial disagreement. In addition, assets may also be hidden for tax reasons or other financial motives.

Vanguard Associates UK provides an international asset tracing service which is designed for companies or individuals to establish the true financial profile of an individual or entity. This will provide a platform which enables the client and or lawyers to properly challenge disclosures made by individuals or entities. This method creates a level playing field upon which to act to achieve a fair and or favourable final settlement.

This intelligence will help you determine if the subject or entity has anything of value before embarking on costly litigation to recover property or funds. In some cases, the mere identification of undisclosed assets is sufficient to bring about a negotiating position.

Vanguard Associates UK undertakes traces across the UK and globally and are supported by a wide network of strategic alliance partners overseas where local knowledge of different jurisdictions is crucial in gaining timely and accurate results.

If you know or suspect that the individual or entity is in possession of:

  • Offshore assets and property;
  • Secret bank accounts;
  • Foreign companies;
  • Investment funds;
  • Property or land;
  • Insurance & pension policies;
  • Corporate Assets;
  • Brands &trademarks;
  • Offices;
  • Websites;
  • Directorships;
  • Trust funds.

Vanguard Associates UK’s private investigators will work closely with you at all stages with the utmost discretion to ensure the best opportunity of securing a positive outcome. Please contact us for a no obligation discussion on the way forward and discussing your requirements.

Professional Associations

  • The Association of British Investigators
  • Ex Police in Commerce
  • National Association of Retired Police Officers
  • British Agents
  • United Kingdom Private Investigators Network
  • The International Investigation Agency