The type of investigation being undertaken, the geographical area where enquiries are to be conducted, the number of private investigators required to complete the investigation, the estimated time frame for completion, expenses that may be required in the course of enquiries, together with the particular expertise of the individual investigator are all considerations that need to be taken into account when instructing a private investigator.

Surveillance is and can be a highly effective investigation strategy and on occasions, it is the only strategy open to investigators to complete the instructions from the client. The location where the surveillance is to be conducted will have a bearing on the number of operatives required to fulfil the task. Similarly, the nature of the investigation will have a bearing on the number of operatives required.

For example, in the majority of cases where we conduct infidelity surveillance, we can achieve the objectives with one or two operatives. In more complicated situations where the subject of the surveillance travels by public transport into central London and may switch modes of transport from train to tube or bus or taxi, we may need to deploy more operatives with specialised skills to achieve the objectives. The number of hours used in the surveillance deployment may depend on the level of activity of the subject.

Good highly trained surveillance operatives and private detectives are always in demand and charge at an hourly rate for their services and where necessary disbursements are required, these are added to the cost. At Vanguard we discuss the options for surveillance and investigation issues with you so that you may make informed decisions regarding the way forward.

At Vanguard we have the ability to conduct our investigations and surveillance throughout the United Kingdom through our strategic network of professional investigators and private detectives. All of our operatives have a wealth of experience, legal considerations and knowledge to fully comprehend the nature of the investigation and the ability to correctly interview witnesses and suspects and stakeholders to identify best evidence and any potential conflicts of interest.

There will be occasions in particular types of investigation where certain evidential material is not available and may require specialised legal assistance to legally obtain such material. These would usually concern the more complicated cases which may require specialised resources to progress the investigation.

The majority of instructions received where the client has clear goals and objectives, are often straightforward and can usually be achieved in a short time frame with minimum expense.

Our services can range from £60 to £150 per hour, subject to the investigation service you require. At Vanguard our investigators will fully discuss the potential costs and disbursements for an investigation wth you so that you are fully aware in advance.

Should you be in a position where you are considering hiring a private detective to assist you in a family related issue, a commercial investigation or other situation where an investigation is required, you can be confident that we have the right level of experience to assist you.

This level of experience is borne from many years of experience as a Metropolitan Police Detectives, investigation of serious and organised crime, homicide, drugs and fraud. The skill base acquired over twenty years easily transfers to the private sector, providing us with the confidence that we can deliver an exemplary investigation service. We will always seek to achieve the highest level of evidence available in support of a criminal or civil prosecution and work with our clients to secure the best outcome.

At Vanguard, we are more than aware that on occasions the Police are not able to deliver the level of service they themselves would wish to achieve. We completely recognise that being the victim of crime of any nature can be highly distressing and can have an adverse effect on your health and wellbeing. At Vanguard, we will work with you and support you in such difficult times. Vanguard really does go the extra mile, we care about you and the consequential impact of being a crime victim.

Professional Associations

  • The Association of British Investigators
  • Ex Police in Commerce
  • National Association of Retired Police Officers
  • British Agents
  • United Kingdom Private Investigators Network
  • The International Investigation Agency