How did you meet your husband, wife or partner? At your place of employment, in a club, in a pub or bar? Or simply through friends? That’s how it used to be, but more and more people are turning to internet dating sites in order to find a romantic partner.

It’s not just the twenty-somethings – our silver surfers are fully engaged with seeking a new life by using the services of online dating agencies, often encouraged by younger family members who have the best of intentions. But rather than find the love of their life, friend and soul mate many people become the victims of fraud losing thousands of pounds, some their life savings to those unscrupulous individuals whose real intention is to STEAL YOUR MONEY!

Many victims are embarrassed by being duped and do not report what has happened to the Police. In any event, only in rare cases will the Police commence an investigation into the suspects. Prosecutions do take place and they inevitably result in the suspect(s) receiving a custodial sentence. So, is the person you are dating online really who they say they are? You can protect yourself by asking questions of your would be partner and if in any doubt about the answers he/she gives you beware and be on guard.

Vanguard Associates UK can assist you in the identification process! Is the person who he/she says they are? Do they live where they say they live? Do they have children? Where do they work? Do they own their house? Are they or have they been married? Vanguard Associates UK’s private dating detectives can also provide you with comprehensive advice about protecting yourself, what to look for and keeping safe.

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