What Do Our Surveillance Services Include?

What Do Our Surveillance Services Include?

At Vanguard Associates UK, our surveillance services help us to monitor and gather a range of information for our clients’ needs. We provide surveillance services to government agencies, businesses or individuals for purposes such as theft, criminal damage, fraud, infidelity concerns, missing persons, etc in order to support impending legal action. We follow all local, national and international laws to protect our clients and to ensure that the evidence is admissible.

Some of the different types of surveillance that we offer are explained in more detail below:

Electronic Surveillance

We use the latest electronic devices such as CCTV, wiretapping and tracking devices to monitor and record audio or video data to gain compelling evidence for our clients.

Infidelity Surveillance

Our agents help individuals to keep an eye on their partner’s behaviour to find out if he/she is having an affair. We not only provide a discreet surveillance service to secure the relevant evidence, but also cautious support and advice to our clients.

Corporate Surveillance

We help businesses to monitor their employees and do background checks to prevent theft and ensure compliance with company policies. Our investigators can gather a wide range of evidence if you suspect any of your employees are involved in fraudulent behaviour.

Counter Surveillance

Our counter surveillance services are designed to detect and counteract surveillance efforts that have been placed on our clients by others. We can identify and confirm such activity, provide guidance and disrupt any identified surveillance attention.

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We at Vanguard Associates UK offer a comprehensive range of surveillance services to our clients. Our experienced and dedicated team of both male and female investigators are available 24/7 for whenever they are required. We also have the ability to deploy our team internationally in support of your investigation. So, if you are in need of surveillance services today, please feel free to get in contact with us in order to discuss your requirements.